nognz Healthy Brain Program™ for Senior Living

Our comprehensive and fun programs are great for residents, caregivers and program planners. A sustainable brain health initiative helps to slow cognitive decline, decrease dementia risk and increase your residents’ well-being and social engagement.

“The Whole Brain Workout has stimulated our minds!  The presentations are excellent.  I would highly recommend attendance in these classes.”  

Vera Stewart, Resident, AMICA at West Vancouver

If you’d like to download a pdf of our Healthy Brain Program Senior Living brochure, you can do so here.

the nognz Healthy Brain Program™ offers five programs for you to choose from.

1. Whole Brain Workout 1 day

Participants are educated on the basics of how their brain works and about recent advances in neuroscience research. We introduce facts supporting the five pillar approach to optimizing brain health and function. This is followed by fun, interactive brain fitness exercises to demonstrate ways participants can exercise and improve their memory, word skills, coordination, critical thinking and focus.

We conclude with a discussion surrounding the behaviours necessary to lead a brain healthier and happier lifestyle. Participants are directed on how to develop their own personalized path to brain health using the nognz toolkit. Find out more details about the Whole Brain Workout.

2. Memory Workshop 1 day or 1/2 day

Participants learn how memory works, the different types of memory and how we can improve our memory through simple and fun daily brain exercises.

By understanding how we can improve our ability to encode, consolidate and store our memories, participants will understand the steps necessary to optimize and improve the capacity of their memory. Find out more details about the Memory Workshop.

3. Lunch and Learn 1 hour

Learn while you eat. This session is a 1 hour workshop delivered at your facility. Participants are introduced to how their brain works and some fun and engaging exercises to improve their key brain functions. Find out more details about the Lunch and Learn.

4. Customized Healthy Brain Program

Through our network of experts in nutrition, physical fitness and stress management we can deliver a customized Healthy Brain Program for your company. We work with your team to build a program that suits your organization and is sustainable, effective and measurable over a longer period of time.

Company-wide incentive programs based on a custom version of our goal tracker, brain health planner and brainy point collection system can be made available online or on paper depending on the needs of your organization. Find out more details about the Customized Healthy Brain Program.

5. Healthy Brain Program Subscription Annual

Your annual subscription includes a stylish nognz product shelf that can be easily located in lobbies or lunch rooms and is updated quarterly with brain healthy products that engage the five different brain functions: memory, word skills, coordination, critical thinking, and focus. Each quarterly shipment includes online videos and simple how-to-play instructions.

Would you like more information on how this program can be customized for you? Contact us, we’d be happy to talk with you.