Your Lobes

We all have a basic understanding of how the muscles in our body work, and just as important is knowing the lobes of your brain and how they help you function. Below is an overview of the five main areas of brain function.

Nognz Lobes of the Brain1. Frontal Lobe

The part of our brain that is important for processing information and regulating our emotions. It allows us to analyze new information and helps us make strategic decisions, think critically and socially interact with others.

2. Parietal Lobe

The part of our brain that processes sensory information from our environment. It helps us to make smooth coordinated movements, maintain our balance and properly navigate our world.

3. Temporal Lobe

The part of our brain that is active when we are listening and using our words. It is what allows us to comprehend language by placing meaning to the words we hear and the words we read as well as communicate those words through speech.

4. Occipital Lobe

The part of the brain that perceives visual information detected by our eyes. It is the part of the brain that constructs our visual world allowing us to identify important objects, recognize patterns and see our world in 3-D.

5. Hippocampus

The part of our brain that lies beneath the cortex that is important the formation of our memories. The hippocampus is part of the limbic system and it works together with our different cortical lobes to help us form, store and recall our memories.