Our Team

Penny Wilson

Penny Wilson

Founder & President

Nognz founder & president Penny Wilson was a senior marketing and operations executive with more than 30 years of experience bringing trend setting technology to market. Pursuing her passion for life-long learning Penny launched nognz brain fitness with a desire to help make a difference in people’s quality of life as we age. Her goal is to encourage everyone to integrate brain fitness into their daily exercise routine. more…

Dr Justin Davis

Dr. Justin Davis

Scientific Director

As Nognz’s scientific director and product manager with a PhD in neuromechanics, Dr. Justin Davis is committed to finding the most effective and rewarding brain fitness products to help individuals maximize their brain’s potential. His goal is to combine his expert knowledge in the field of human neuroscience to motivate others to adopt a brain healthy lifestyle. Justin loves inspiring people to challenge themselves with new brain exercises, activities and products to stimulate key brain functions. more…


Chantelle Murnaghan

Chantelle Murnaghan

Healthy Brain Ambassador

I really enjoy delivering the Whole Brain Workout in the community.  It is a fun way to share my knowledge and passion for neuroscience while I complete my PHD at the University of British Columbia.  I get a chance to engage with wonderful people who are eager to learn more about their brain.


Lauren Enright

Healthy Brain Ambassador

I enjoy delivering the Healthy Brain Program corporate workshops.  And I get to do it in both French and English – working both sides of my brain.  It gives me a great opportunity to share what I love while I complete continue to teach students of all ages.

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If you have an interest in brain fitness we’d love to hear from you! Send your resumé to us at careers@nognz.com

Business Advisory Board

Doug Irwin

Partner, Capital West Partners

Doug is a founding partner at Capital West Partners, an independent corporate advisory firm, located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Established in 1990 as M&A specialists in the mid-market.

Product Advisory Board

Catharine Wright

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Catharine is a partner in Ideal Nutrition, a nutritional consulting firm based in West Vancouver. Since graduating from the Edison School of Nutrition she has been working with individuals to help them achieve optimum health through nutrition. She believes that wholesome food has the power to heal. She is passionate about assessing each persons unique needs and helping them to be their healthiest both in mind and body. We are honoured to have Catharine on the nognz advisory board.


Padma Yoga & Meditation

Meditation has been proven to help all cognitive activities including concentration, creative imagination, decisive intellect, clarity of perception, intuitive intelligence, logical thought and memory. Padma is a highly esteemed expert who teaches with grace wisdom and clarity. Padma studied classical meditation and yoga in the Himalayas for a decade before opening her practice. Since opening, she has hosted international workshops and teacher trainings.

Judy Bjornson


Judy Bjornson is a certified B.C. fitness coach, personal trainer, Aquatic Rehabilitation Therapist, and Balance and Mobility Therapist. She specializes in working with seniors and clients with neurological and common movement disorders. She has recently completed the FallProof Balance and Mobility Instructors course offered by Fullerton University in California. Since that time, she has worked in partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health teaching balance and mobility, sensory training, postural stability, strength and flexibility for seniors all across Vancouver.

Susan Bock Smith


Susan received her formal training from McGill University where she received a Bachelor of Education with a major in Physical Education. She has always believed in the importance of volunteerism and became involved with various organizations on a volunteer basis while raising her family. In September of 2010 Susan became a certified Balance & Mobility Specialist after successfully completing the Fallproof course offered by Fullerton University in California and found her career niche in Steadyfeet: a Fall & Injury Prevention Training Program in partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health that has a strong positive impact on the lives of Seniors.