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Penny Wilson

Penny Wilson

Founder & President

Nognz founder & president Penny Wilson was a senior marketing and operations executive with more than 30 years of experience bringing trend setting technology to market. Pursuing her passion for life-long learning Penny launched nognz brain fitness with a desire to help make a difference in people’s quality of life as we age. Her goal is to encourage everyone to integrate brain fitness into their daily exercise routine. more…

Dr Justin Davis

Dr. Justin Davis

Scientific Director

As Nognz’s scientific director and product manager with a PhD in neuromechanics, Dr. Justin Davis is committed to finding the most effective and rewarding brain fitness products to help individuals maximize their brain’s potential. His goal is to combine his expert knowledge in the field of human neuroscience to motivate others to adopt a brain healthy lifestyle. Justin loves inspiring people to challenge themselves with new brain exercises, activities and products to stimulate key brain functions. more…


Chantelle Murnaghan

Chantelle Murnaghan

Healthy Brain Ambassador

I really enjoy delivering the Whole Brain Workout in the community.  It is a fun way to share my knowledge and passion for neuroscience while I work on my post doc in Neuroscience.  I get a chance to engage with wonderful people who are eager to learn more about their brain.


Lauren Enright

Healthy Brain Ambassador

I enjoy delivering the Healthy Brain Program corporate workshops.  And I get to do it in both French and English – working both sides of my brain.  It gives me a great opportunity to share what I love while I complete continue to teach students of all ages.

Jacalyn Guy

Healthy Brain Ambassador

The Healthy Brain program workshops that I am delivering let me share my passion for neuroscience.  I am completing my PHD in Neuroscience at McGill University.  My specialization is autism.

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Business Advisory Board

Doug Irwin

Partner, Capital West Partners

Doug is a founding partner at Capital West Partners, an independent corporate advisory firm, located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Established in 1990 as M&A specialists in the mid-market.

Craig Thompson

CEO, Fortius Institue

Craig is an organizational leader with over 20 years of experience in wellness, organizational health and mental health.  He is presently the CEO of Fortius Institute a leader in sport and health focussed on optimizing human performance for life.

Andrew Woo


Andrew is the former CTO of NGRAIN an interactive 3D platform built for industrial and military applications.  Andrew has over 20 years of research and technology development experience including numerous award winning 3D graphics products.