Community Giving

Nognz is committed to building close relationships with our communities. We know that in order to bring the greatest brain fitness products, activities and information to our communities it is essential that we nourish the growth and development of advancements in brain research.

We create our community legacies in four ways:
  • Advancing Brain Research –  Nognz is committed to providing a percentage of our profits to brain research and to raise the level of brain health wherever we conduct business. We support our local Alzheimer’s organization and plan to participate wherever we can.

  • Donate Used Games for Local Charities – In our stores we encourage our customers to drop off any used games. We will check all the pieces and offer them to a local charity. North Shore Neighbourhood House is our present recipient.

  • Let Us Support You – Our Brainy Points program lets our customers donate an annual nognz subscription to a charity of their choice.

  • Help Out Whenever We Can – We offer community game nights, gift baskets for charity and participate in local events for seniors and educators. Our ambassadors are passionate about doing the right thing to motivate people to reach their maximum brain fitness potential.

As we grow we hope to raise the level of brain health wherever we conduct business.

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