nognz neuroscience + learning

We believe it is time to help your team get the most out of their amazing brains! The single most important tool they use each and every day. To do that, training needs to change. That is our mission – to transform corporate learning through applied neuroscience.

We deliver award-winning corporate training to teach leaders and knowledge workers what neuroscience research has taught us about maximizing productivity, communication, innovation capacity and mental wellness in the corporate world.  We do this by creating evidence based learning experiences that combine the perfect mix of science, technology and fun to create maximum learning value.

An Award-Winning Team

We are an award winning team of technology entrepreneurs and neuroscientists based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.  We embrace a love of life long learning and we have a passion to help our customers and our community that drives us every day. We donate our time, programs, products and a portion of our profits to brain research that supports the future of brain health.

the nognz team

“Our vision – better brains for better business.”