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Our journey began when I met Michael Cole, CEO of Vivity Labs in 2009. Michael introduced me to the world of brain fitness software. After extensive research in to the advances in neuroplasticity, the opportunity to purposefully shape the future of our brain, the incredible talent available in Vancouver and the lack of public awareness of the potential of brain fitness to enrich our lives, nognz brain fitness was formed.

There is no single solution to brain fitness. A combination of physical fitness, mental exercise, good nutrition, stress management and socialization are necessary to maintain and improve a healthy mind that functions better now and lasts longer.


the nognz team

“Our vision is to incorporate brain fitness in everyone’s daily routine.”

We embrace a love of life long learning. The passion to help our customers and our community drives us every day. We donate our time, programs, products and a portion of our profits to brain research and other local charities that support the future of brain health. We encourage our customers to participate if they wish.

Our flagship location opened in West Vancouver BC in January 2011. Thank you to all our amazing new clients for making our opening a success. We have experienced joy, wonderment and met many new friends. Our hope is to create a community hub where people can learn, discuss and participate in all aspects of proactive brain health and its powerful possibilities is happening.  We have created the nognz Healthy Brain program for employers, educators and consumers everywhere to inspire and educate people about the opportunity of neuroplasticity to enrich their lives.

We are very grateful that we have been given the chance to share this incredible opportunity with our family, friends, community, Canada and the world. We want to say thank you to all those that have supported us along the way.


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